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What Metrus is proposing vs. what was approved 28 years ago

Then (1984)

Now (2012)

  • 1,073 double-wide mobile homes on leased sites

  • 2 bedroom bungalows with a total population of 2,200 (i.e., 2.05 persons per dwelling)

  • Maximum home height of 5 metres

  • A golf course

  • Private roads and garbage service

  • All internal water and waste water services to be privately-owned.
  • Switch from leased sites to freehold lots for each dwelling

  • Raise maximum height of each home to 9.5 metres to permit two bedrooms plus a loft (i.e., 3 bedroom homes)

  • Elimination of golf course

  • Switch from private to public municipally maintained roads

  • Switch from private to municipal garbage collection

  • Switch from private to municipal water and sewage service within Maple Leaf Estates.

In 1984, the Lake Simcoe watershed was nowhere near as heavily developed as it is today. In the last nearly 30 years, the watershed has lost a significant amount of woodlands and wetlands. Only recently did the Ministry of Natural Resources assess the Maple Leaf Estates property owned by Metrus and find that it contains provincially significant wetlands — this information was simply not available 30 years ago. More intensive development is the wrong solution on this site. Make your voice heard!

North Gwillimbury Forest

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Cedar tree in wetland

The North Gwillimbury Forest includes the York Regional Forest and the Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve. The Reserve will be cut off from the rest of the forest by Metrus' proposed Maple Leaf Estates.

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