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Tell Georgina council to turn down Maple Leaf Estates

You can send a letter to the Mayor and Councillors of the Town of Georgina urging them to protect this sensitive area rather than approving Metrus' plan for a subdivision. Click anywhere in the letter to edit the text or add your own content. Your letter will be sent to Mayor Robert Grossi, Deputy Mayor/Regional Councillor Danny Wheeler, Ward 3 Councillor Dave Szollosy, Ward 1 Councillor Naomi Davison, Ward 2 Councillor Phil Craig, Ward 4 Councillor Ken Hackenbrook, and Ward 5 Councillor Brad Smockum.

Note: You must fill in the letters you see in the red box below the letter, which is designed to prevent abuse of this form. If you are having problems reading the letters, hit the refresh (double arrow) icon to the right of the letters. You can also click the audio button to have the letters read out.

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The North Gwillimbury Forest is an important piece of the larger York-Simcoe Forest, which stretches all the way from Orchard Beach to the Dalton Road in Jackson’s Point. It contains the Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve, which will be cut off from the rest of the forest by Metrus' proposed Maple Leaf Estates.


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