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Tell Attorney General Caroline Mulroney that the North Gwillimbury Forest and the Greenbelt must be preserved and protected – forever

Caroline MulroneyIn May 2018, Caroline Mulroney promised the voters of York-Simcoe that she would protect and preserve the North Gwillimbury Forest and the Greenbelt in its entirety.  According to Ms. Mulroney, as “your PC candidate, and hopefully MPP, you will always have my commitment on this.”

But contrary to this promise, in December the Government of Ontario introduced Bill 66, theRestoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act which, if passed into law, will permit municipalities to pass special zoning bylaws allowing office buildings, factories, stores and houses to be built anywhere in the North Gwillimbury Forest and within the Greenbelt Protected Countryside. Unbelievably, these special bylaws could be passed without public notice, without a public meeting, and without any opportunity for appeal.

Ontario does not need to sacrifice the North Gwillimbury Forest and the Greenbelt to create jobs and grow our economy. Nor does it need to sacrifice the Oak Ridges Moraine and Lake Simcoe, also in Ms. Mulroney's riding and whose protection plans can also be overridden by these special bylaws. There is plenty of land in the Greater Toronto Area that is already zoned for new factories, offices, stores and homes.  

It has recently come to light that the development industry played a major role in bankrolling the “Ontario Proud” campaign that helped get the Ford government elected, leading many to question the government’s motivations for introducing this sweeping no-holds-barred pro-development legislation.

Please contact Attorney General Mulroney [] and ask her to amend Bill 66 to ensure that the North Gwillimbury Forest and the Greenbelt will be preserved and protected – forever.

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The North Gwillimbury Forest includes the York Regional Forest and the Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve. The Reserve will be cut off from the rest of the forest by DG Group's proposed Maple Lake Estates.


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